Terms Of Service

By listing your property or properties with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Data Entry Rules

  1. Listings will be rejected if they contain links, email addresses, refrences to Email Addresses, Postal Addresses, Individuals or Geographic Locations.
  2. Inaccurate data or incomplete submission data may result is the listing being rejected.
  3. Properties that have been succesfully sold will be removed from this website, partial refunds of listing fees will not be possible.
  4. Properties that have been rented will be removed from visibility, the refund of partial listing fees will not be possible.
  5. Listing Fees: The listing fee is a set fee for ONE YEAR, this fee is not divisible, partial refunds will not be given. The fee is applied to individual listings.

2) Submission Form Usage

  1. The Address: this must be the name of the property only, and must be in keeping with the naming convention used throughout this website.
  2. The Description must be an accurate depiction of the property, it cannot contain refrences to any other business, property or individual, including, but not limited to:
    1. Email Addresses
    2. Postal / Mailing Addresses
    3. Geographic Locations other than that which outline the vistas of the property being submitted for listing.
  3. Type, this is the type of the property, if your property type is not listed please inform us BEFORE LISTING.
  4. Contact Type: you can choose only one contact type, this denotes what you intend to do with the property, and how it will be found on this website. Please make sure this is correct before submission.
  5. Location: Choose the town / city where the property is located. This again will affect the search results for your potential listing and needs to be accurate. If your Town / City does not exist in this list, contact us BEFORE LISTING.
  6. Amenities: these are a list of features available for you to add to your potential listing, please only choose those that actually exist in the property. Claiming to have amenities in a listing that are not actually there may result in a bad review.
  7. Price: This is for Sale Properties Only. And will require an evaluation from us before your listing can be approved. If you’re not selling the property please leave this empty.
  8. Bathrooms: how many bath or shower rooms are in the property.
  9. Bedrooms: how many bedrooms the property has. Please do NOT ENTER the sleeping capacity here.
  10. Area: the m<sup>2</sup> area of the property.
  11. GPS: In the first box “Search Location” enter the address of the property, if it does not accuratly locate the location, you can move the map marker ( the RED icon on the map itself ) to the correct location. If you require firther help with this please let us know BEFORE LISTING.

3) The administrators of this website reserve the right to remove any content which they deem to be invalid in any way, fees are also subject to alteration without notification.

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