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Xaló or Jalón is a small rural town located in the interior of the Marina Alta region. It is a quiet and quaint but very lively village, and in it you can enjoy the charms of nature and a large diversity of activities.
His term runs between the Serra de la Solana and the Sierra de Bernia in the edge of the Marina Baixa. Although the city center is located in the valley, most of the municipality is deployed in the mountains, the highest of which is the Serra de Bèrnia. Other heights are Solana, the Serra Ferrer or Penyó Mica. Between mountains and caves, it is a municipality that has adapted, at all times, to the conditions that history has required. Today it stands cheerful, bright and industrious. Between modernity and tradition. Always welcoming visitors who come to visit the village of Xaló / Jalón from different places.
THE LANDSCAPE … Come see the wonderful mountain views of the Vall del Pop and Bèrnia and enjoy the fresh air from the valley. The Vall de Pop is linked to the path of Xaló or Gorgos River, which originates in Castell de Castells and runs the terms of Benigembla Murla, Parcent and Alcalali, where the valley opens up and found the towns of Jalon, Llíber, Senija and Benissa on the coast.
It is a place of contrasts: imposing mountains such as the Serella, the Cavall Verd, the Serra del Penyal of Laguar, El Carrascal and Coll de Rates, the Ferrer or Bèrnia; winding ravines between which runs the Jalon River and its tributaries, vine-scented valleys and a rugged coastline of cozy coves.
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TOURISM AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES … may be strolling through the town center and the surrounding villages. They may be visiting your beautiful church built in the nineteenth century, wine museums and Ethnography, or also scroll to Dénia to visit the castle of the Islamic period of the eleventh and twelfth centuries and the port, or to Javea to enjoy their verandas with sea views and a swim in the coves.
Marina Alta has a total of 47 beaches and bathing areas, where space has the most number of beaches in the province of Alicante. Calpe, Denia and Javea are the municipalities with greater offer and length of open beaches and coves.
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SPORTS … Not be bored throughout their stay in the area and you can enjoy a host of activities such as hiking, horseback riding, cycling, golf, climbing, zip line, quad tours … Besides all kind of water sports, diving, kite surfing,exciting ride by motorcycle aquatic … that offer the nearby coastal villages.
Among the hiking trails that can be highlighted are crossing the Vall del Pop (Xaló), route through the Sierra de Bernia (Jalon), Penon d’Ifach (Calpe) Montgó (Javea) and the Barranc de l’Infern (Ebo).
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GASTRONOMY … the Marina Alta area has one of the best cuisines in the world. You can tell it’s a cuisine with identity. You can not understand a territory without experiencing the local cuisine. Marina Alta food is the result of the cultures that have left their mark and its Mediterranean flavor. No one can visit the area without tasting the food that collects centuries of mediterranean tradition. The restaurants will be offering all kinds of meats, sausages and agricultural products, and of course can not stay without trying the delicious and endless rice dishes with recipes and ingredients of the land, as part of its culinary identity as Valencia region. Sailors rice (arròs a band) and paella-style Marina leave no one unsatisfied. They are also very typical buns kinks and vegetables . They can not forget to taste the wines and mistelas made in Xaló cooperative in which 100 % of its production comes from its own vineyards, and have won national and international awards.
To finish a good meal, do it with a good typical dessert of the area, such as bakes almentra, pumpkin fritters or ‘pastissets’ sweet potato.
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LEISURE … if you are on vacation or living in Jalón, is essential to visit the trail of antiques, which is an established symbol of the Marina Alta and a paradise for the curious and the weekend explorers; a challenge for buyers of race and a permanent temptation whatever tastes and budget. Held every Saturday at around Jalon river dam and mill rate. On sunny Saturdays is a pleasure to cross it under the shade of trees and along the watercourse.
In the different exhibitors (and no two are alike, some even hardly the word would accommodate exhibitor) coexist helmets WWII with ancient masks of undetermined origin, elements of old sailing ships with disk groups that neither you nor we we had heard before, religious carvings, furniture for palaces and furniture cells, paintings, old clocks, Tibetan bells, jackets that are likely to have crossed some deserts, Soviet toys and verbeneros, irons, coffee spoons, porcelain birds, swords, fabrics, tools, churros, snacks, glassware, guitars and mills for which the Romance languages ​​do not have the right word.
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HOLIDAYS … Throughout the year can enjoy all kinds of local festivals offered Xaló and other neighboring towns. Very typical religious processions which involve hundreds of devotees accompanying the images of Christ or the Virgin all the way. Another of the tourist festivals in the area are the bulls in the square or on the street and releasing cows, which usually coincide with local festivals where you can also enjoy the rhythm orchestras of the most popular and contemporary music, parades floats, paella contests, correfocs and fireworks, carnivals … and a host of other activities to spend great afternoons and evenings.
The area of the Costa Blanca also offers all kinds of bars where you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails and a variety of pubs and clubs where you can dance and have a drink.
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